Traveling Motor Test Stand
Hydraulic Application Test System
We are pleased to introduce our Traveling Motor Test Stand
of Hydraulic Application Test System as follows
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Company History

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  • Establishment of TMC Co., Ltd.
  • Automatic Test System for Hydraulic Pump and Motor
  • Spot Welding Test System
  • Corrosive Wear Test System
  • Friction Surfacing Welding Test System
  • Establishment of Incorporation of TMC Co., Ltd.
  • High-Precision Detection Device of Overload/Stack
  • Control Motor for High-efficiency Combustion Apparatus Actuator
  • Simulator for Excavator
  • 28Pole W/D M/C
  • Automatic Test System for K3V Hydraulic Pump
  • Anti-pollution Facilities
  • Process and Production of Defense Industry Product Parts
  • Facility and Tester for Hydraulic Equipment Test
  • Performance Improvement of 1,100-ton, 1,300-ton and 2,000-ton Hydraulic forging press
  • Automatic Cleaning System for Cold Roll
  • 2RH LADDLE CAR Hydraulic System
  • S&T Automatic Welding System
  • Automatic Test System for Swing Motor and 60-ton Traveling Motor
  • Pump Performance Tester
  • Establishment of Chinese Local Subsidiary of TMC Co., Ltd. In Tianjin
  • Automatic Test System for Traveling Motor
  • Automatic Test System for Swing Motor
  • Automatic Test System for Small Capacity Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump for Defense Industry Products and Automatic Test System for Motor(K9, K1A1, MLRS)
  • Hydraulic System for POSCO’s Steel Pipe Correcting Apparatus
  • Hydraulic System for opening and closing of the Four-river Project’s Sand-flash Gate
  • Hydraulic Pump Performance Test System
  • MCV BLOCK Endurance Test System
  • REGULATOR Performance Tester
  • GEAR PUMP Performance Tester
  • Impulse Endurance Tester
  • Hydraulic Equipment Tester in a Chinese factory of Doosan Corporation Mottrol BG


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